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american horror story: hotel

i was really excited about upcoming fifth season of 'american horror story' thinking it's going to be a haunted hotel sort of thing but it turned out it's going to be another vampire show. boo. i don't like vampire shit. there's only one true vampire, count dracula. all the other ones are just wannabies.

i already accepted the fact that jessica lange is not going to be in the new season. we're getting lady gaga instead, what a joke! i really hope gaga won't ruin the show for me. official trailer is not out yet (why?!) but i've seen a few images from the sets and i must say she looks quite interesting. hopefully she's better at acting than she is at making music.

if anyone's interested in the list of actors confirmed so far, here it is~

Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Wes Bentley, Chloe Sevigny, Max Greenfield, Finn Wittrock, Denis O'Hare, Emma Roberts, Richard T. Jones, Helena Mattsson, Madchen Amick, Darren Criss, Naomi Campbell and Lady Gaga.

at least lily rabe and angela basset are back for the season. i really loved lily as sister mary eunice and as misty day, i also like her in that new sf show 'the whispers', is anyone else watching it? it's quite good. angela basset was the sexiest voodoo queen ever, i've heard she'll play a movie star this time. and i'm curious about naomi campbell. and finn wittrock because he'll be looking this hot!

it seems there will bo no taissa farmiga again. why? i love taissa, she's so cute and pretty, and she has that cool attitude that says 'i don't care, it's just tv', hope you know what i mean. i also like her sister vera, it would be so nice to see the sisters together on screen! i don't know what taissa's doing now but vera is probably busy with 'bates motel', which by the way is a very disappointing show. it's like 'hey, let's take hitchcock's masterpiece and turn it into mediocre crime show', yay! (-_-)

do you know emma roberts? pretty face, no acting skills, in a relationship with evan peters, played the mean blond bitch in coven and fake fortune teller in freakshow. she's a star of 'scream queens' now, new tv series created by the 'american horror story' people, ryan murphy and brad falchuk (and ian brennan). seems like a perfect show for her. i really want to see it, not because i particulary like miss roberts but because the trailer looks cool. and there's jamie lee curtis in it! it's got to be a tribute to the slasher genre. and a parody. definately.

what else? i'm still watching 'hannibal' but it's being terribly patchy. i love the dark dreamy creepiness of some scenes, i love the food, the stag man, mads mikkelsen, gillian anderson and even hugh dancy but it's hard to ignore the fact that the plot has huge holes in it. i also don't like current editing, the episodes are shredded like cabbage for salad, there's too much going on, some scenes are continuations (or different versions) of the scenes from the previous seasons and it's really difficult to watch it without getting lost.

i'm also watching 'the whispers', as i mentioned before. and 'extant' with aging halle berry. did anyone else notice how similar these two shows are?

i really enjoyed watching 'wayward pines' but it seems like it's over now. anyone heard anything about second season?

i'm looking forward to see the new season of 'better call saul' as it's probably the only tv show that can at least partly fill the hole left after 'breaking bad'. say what you want (i know many of you will agree with me) 'breaking bad' was the best tv show ever created. period.

so what are you watching now, folks? and what are you dying to see?
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10 things you probably didn't know about me

- as a child i wanted to be a boy
- most of people see me as a pretty laid back person but the truth is i'm a control freak
- i have many ocds of which clean hands disorder is the most annoying one
- i am a heathen
- i'm very spiritual and i have great intuition
- i'm lazy and i don't like to work
- my biggest dream is to live in a cottage and have my own herb garden
- the older i get the less people i need around me
- i love my cat way more than i love my boyfriend
- i may not be nice 24/7 but i'm always very loyal and i never cheat (as long as mads mikkelsen doesn't hit on me xD)
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oh my days!

my manager denise is a total ass. she keeps on doing stupid things, causing trouble and then blaming others for what she's done. she never listens. she always knows what's best for you. and she's always right. she keeps on lecturing and patronizing all the stuff members. i don't know how long will i be able to take it. i almost quit my job today. gods, help me survive. my partner is coming back next monday what means i won't be needing denise's help anymore, yay!

in other news teddy's 9 weeks now. actually she's going to be 10 on sunday. she grows so quickly!

Family Guy 「Bird Bird Bird」

news from a happy kitten owner

i am indeed a very happy person. i work two hours a day, in a nursery. my way to work takes at least half an hour but it goes through the beautiful valentines park. there's free outdoor gym in there and one more 5 minutes away from where i live. i practically live in the garden. my boyfriend is the sweetest person on earth. you know how it's always only the pure of heart are worthy of certain things in the fantasy world? he would definately pass this test. i'm grateful to the gods for his presence in my life.

and on the top of that i get to keep this cute little kitten, my sweet teddy bear ♥

yes, so that's the kitten i kept. she basically chose me the first day we got the cats but i too was very eager to take her as she had the most beautiful eyes and colour similar to her mommy, my beloved lola.

that's going to be all for now. bisous~

more kittens: blackie

blackie aka koyla turned out to be a ninja. he's the best at crawling walking as well as in climbing out of the kitten pen. he's fast and swift. it's very difficult to take a good photo of him.

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Hello Kitty 「Anatomy」

i love those cats!

my boyfriend's cat lola has given birth to four adorable kittens about three week ago. since his mom is having cat allergic guests in the house lola and the kittens are staying with us. it's been six days since my boyfriend brought them here. they're sooooo cute! and lola is the most wonderful mother a kitten could possibly have.

so let me introduce to you my little angels ♥ i've given them all 'working titles' since they haven't been named yet. and just for the record i didn't know their gender when doing that *lol*

oh, and i almost forgot! one of the kittens stays with us. i've already decided but i'm not going to tell. suspence is way cooler, haha!

so which one would you choose?

lola and her babies~

my cute little rats ♡

teddy bear. i was sure it was a he but the vet today said it's a she! anyway teddy is very friendly, courageous and brave. and isn't she a little cutie? reminds me of a little lion. she's soft and cuddly as plushie.

husky. she really does look like a husky puppy, doesn't she? at least in this pic. cute beyond possibilty. she's very sensitive though. and she seems to love her mommy the most.

jackie chan. that's the feisty one. loves to climb and wander about. possibly the biggest and strongest one. cute little alpha male!

koyla. or blackie. he's very modest, silent and a little camera shy. i still need to get to know this mysterious black kitten more. my bofriend says it's cool and gangsta xD