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i love those cats!

my boyfriend's cat lola has given birth to four adorable kittens about three week ago. since his mom is having cat allergic guests in the house lola and the kittens are staying with us. it's been six days since my boyfriend brought them here. they're sooooo cute! and lola is the most wonderful mother a kitten could possibly have.

so let me introduce to you my little angels ♥ i've given them all 'working titles' since they haven't been named yet. and just for the record i didn't know their gender when doing that *lol*

oh, and i almost forgot! one of the kittens stays with us. i've already decided but i'm not going to tell. suspence is way cooler, haha!

so which one would you choose?

lola and her babies~

my cute little rats ♡

teddy bear. i was sure it was a he but the vet today said it's a she! anyway teddy is very friendly, courageous and brave. and isn't she a little cutie? reminds me of a little lion. she's soft and cuddly as plushie.

husky. she really does look like a husky puppy, doesn't she? at least in this pic. cute beyond possibilty. she's very sensitive though. and she seems to love her mommy the most.

jackie chan. that's the feisty one. loves to climb and wander about. possibly the biggest and strongest one. cute little alpha male!

koyla. or blackie. he's very modest, silent and a little camera shy. i still need to get to know this mysterious black kitten more. my bofriend says it's cool and gangsta xD

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