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news from a happy kitten owner

i am indeed a very happy person. i work two hours a day, in a nursery. my way to work takes at least half an hour but it goes through the beautiful valentines park. there's free outdoor gym in there and one more 5 minutes away from where i live. i practically live in the garden. my boyfriend is the sweetest person on earth. you know how it's always only the pure of heart are worthy of certain things in the fantasy world? he would definately pass this test. i'm grateful to the gods for his presence in my life.

and on the top of that i get to keep this cute little kitten, my sweet teddy bear ♥

yes, so that's the kitten i kept. she basically chose me the first day we got the cats but i too was very eager to take her as she had the most beautiful eyes and colour similar to her mommy, my beloved lola.

that's going to be all for now. bisous~
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